Pumpkii home robot is like a Roomba that can scoop litter boxes

A newly introduced home robot called Pumpkii is made specifically for pet owners (assuming they have a dog or cat, that is). The robot promises a variety of functionality that enables it to keep pets entertained, help owners interact with their pets from a distance, and more. One of the robot's most unique features is an extension arm equipped with a scoop for cleaning litter boxes.

Pumpkii looks like a large RC vehicle with a built-in camera and far more features. The robot is described as modular so that it can be used for different purposes, including entertaining cats and dogs, dispensing treats randomly, playing audio, recording videos and photos, sharing the content, and cleaning boxes.

The camera built into Pumpkii is essentially an average IP home security camera, but one that happens to be attached to a robot. Users can attach things like a teasing feather for cats, a treat pod for dropping snacks, or the robotic arm. Users get access to and control over the robot using a companion mobile app.

As demonstrated in the video above, Pumpkii features omnidirectional wheels that enable it to move sideways in addition to forward and backward. The most interesting feature — the robotic arm — enables the tiny machine to take over the litter box scooping chore. The robot is able to scoop waste, shake free loose litter, and then deposit the waste in a related container.

The team behind Pumpkii says they've used an open-source hardware interface and will provide users with access to an SDK, opening the door for other potential uses and modes for the home robot. This assumes, of course, that the crowdfunding campaign is a success and that the product is ultimately brought to market. The Pumpkii with Robotic Arm is expected to retail for $349 USD.