PumPing Tap may be the most irritating design in history

I think there has been enough talk over the years about vampire power or phantom power that we all know that a bunch of the devices in your home still draw power when you turn them off. This certainly wastes electricity and isn't good for the environment. We have seen a bunch of products that have been designed to draw little power or no power when they don't need it even when plugged in.

Reducing phantom power is a good idea, but this PumPing Tap outlet concept is something that I can't get behind. I can only imagine how irritating it would be to have the outlet pop your devices plug out of the socket each time you turn it off. This would be especially irritating if that socket was behind a desk or couch.

The concept has a blue light around the outside of the plug when something is plugged in and using power. When the power draw stops, the ring turns red. Ten minutes after the plug is red a little circle pops out of the center of the outlet and pushes the plug out to stop power draw.

[via Yanko Design]