Puget Systems talks about fix for Intel Sandy Bridge flaw

Yesterday Intel stepped forward and announced that it had found a flaw in the chipsets that go along with the Sandy Bridge platform. The flaw requires a silicon fix, which amounts to a design change to remedy. The machines on the market already with the design flaw will see their IO performance degrade over time but the machines will continue to function.

If you have been wondering what the computer makers that sold machines using the affected mainboard were going to do, Puget Systems has issued a statement telling exactly what it intends to do. The company uses three of the affected Asus mainboards in its offerings. The boards include the Asus P8P67-M Pro, the P8P67 Pro, and the P8H67-M EVO. Puget points out that not all the SATA ports on the board are affected, any ports run by an onboard controller for RAID and other functions are fine.

That means some affected machines will have SATA ports inside that will be just fine. Puget says that it will allow the user to return their computers in March when the new hardware shows up for a mainboard replacement if they want. The other option is that Puget will ship a PCI-E SATA controller card to put into the machine, replacing the bad ports. If you had a machine on order that uses an affected board, Puget will ship it to you, despite the issue of you want or hold until March when the new hardware comes in.