Puget Systems adds new rigs to Serenity Silent PC line

In June of 2010, I mentioned that Puget Systems had launched a new line of silent computers called the Serenity Silent PCs. The company has now added new rigs and updates to that line of silent computers for shoppers to choose from. Among the new system is the serenity SPCR Edition, the Serenity Home Theater, and the Serenity Mini.

The SPCR Edition is the quietest PC in the line so far and has been updated to use the new Sandy bridge platform from Intel. The machine continues with its very quiet operation with sound pressure of only 11dBA@1m when idling and 12dBA after an hour at full load. The Serenity Home Theater is a new silent HTPC. The machine has Blu-ray playback, HD streaming capability, and can support mid-range gaming according to Puget Systems.

It has a TV tuner inside, remote control, and a handled keyboard and mouse. The Serenity Mini is a tiny SFF machine that uses the same quiet tech as the SPCR edition. The machine has a passively cooled power supply and has a tightly packed cooling system with efficient air cooling. All of the machines are available right now with the mini starting at $1296, the Home Theater starting at $1429, and the SPCR starting at $1665.