PUBG's new update brings big blue zone changes

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has received a new patch, and though it only features a few changes, they're very significant. The biggest change comes in the form a blue zone revamp, which will greatly change the pace of the game. If you thought that PUBG matches moved a little too slowly, then, you're definitely going to want to check the game out after this update has been applied.

The blue zone, as every PUBG player already knows, dictates the pace of the game by defining an increasingly smaller play area as the game goes on. If you're caught outside of the blue zone at any time, you begin taking damage. At first, the damage you take from the blue zone is minimal, but as time goes on, it ramps up in a big way, being able to kill any player in seconds, even if they're at full health.

With the changes in PUBG 1.0 update 10, the blue zone will begin shrinking earlier in the match, and the time between each phase has been reduced. This means players will be brought together faster over the course of a match, perhaps resulting in games that don't last quite as long. All of the changes to the blue zone are laid out in the table below.

As you can see, the time between blue zone phases has been decreased significantly, but the speed at which the blue zone shrinks has been decreased as well. Damage dealt by being outside the blue zone has been left mostly untouched, except for the final three blue zones of the match, which do more damage than they did before. In other words, don't get caught outside the blue zone late in the game.

PUBG Corporation has also made some changes to Miramar, adding new areas and opportunities for high-tier loot in the northern portion of the map. There are also some UI changes and bug fixes coming along with this patch, so be sure to check out PUBG Corp's full patch notes to read about those. What do you think of PUBG's blue zone changes? Head down to the comments section and let us know!