PUBG's Metal Rain mode has armored cars falling from the sky

PUBG's limited-time game modes have been on quite the roll lately, and a new one is now primed and ready for the weekend. Like one of the first limited-time game modes for PUBG, this one features eight-man squads once more, but this time there's a fascinating little twist. Get ready to go for a ride, because armored UAZs are at the center of this new mode.

As explained over on Steam, this latest limited-time game mode is called Metal Rain. It takes place on PUBG's Erangel map, and aside from the eight-man squad limit, it should play out mostly like regular PUBG matches. However, there's one big change in that players can also pick up flare guns in this mode, and those flares do different things depending on where they're fired.

If you fire a flare gun within the safe zone – which is the white circle, keep in mind – you'll summon a special care package at its location. This is a good way to get your squad geared up and ready to fight quickly, but you might want to consider stepping outside the white circle before you send up a flare. That's because firing the flare gun outside of the safe zone will summon a "heavily armored UAZ" instead.

Call down a couple of these and your entire squad will be riding in style and relative safety. Flare guns will have a chance to spawn alongside normal loot locations, which means that they no longer spawn in fixed locations like they have in previous modes. Even better is the fact that you can queue into this mode with seven other friends – PUBG's first eight-man squad mode sadly only let you queue as four and join another randomly selected squad to form a group of eight.

So, with Metal Rain, we see PUBG's developers merging a few ideas from previous limited-time game modes, but the addition of armor cars definitely makes this one to check out. Metal Rain is available to play now and, like PUBG's other limited-time game modes, will last the weekend, wrapping up on Sunday, April 22 at 7 PM Pacific.