PUBG Mobile v1.0 major update revealed with 'mysterious surprise'

The PUBG Mobile game is about to get a major update to version 1.0, adding a number of major changes, including more realistic graphics, a new interactive lobby, easily accessible pages for social and stores functions, and more. In addition, the company revealed plans for a new mobile esports tournament that will have a $2 million prize pool. The event will take place with players around the globe and will be the largest PUBG Mobile esports event to date.

The PUBG Mobile version 1.0 update was detailed in a new — and quite long — video (below). Players will be able to download the latest evolution in the game starting on September 8; it will be available on iOS and Android, and promises to offer the most realistic gaming experiences available to mobile players.

In addition, the team has teased the upcoming arrival of a 'mysterious surprise' explained only as being related to the 'new era' of gameplay. Most notable, however, will be the graphics update that brings many new elements to the game, including things like scope interactions, smoke, particles, muzzle flashes, and more.

Players can also expect 'huge polish' applied to parachuting and many other similar actions, according to the preview. Players will notice 'overall improvements' to the quality of the landscape, particularly when it comes to lighting and shading quality. These changes should make the sky, trees, and water pop — players will even note the addition of reflections in water.

As for the gameplay itself, the PUBG team is clearly keeping that a surprise, though players won't have to wait too long to find out for themselves. Meanwhile, the newly announced esports event will kick off in November, offering the top PUBG Mobile players big prizes for competing.