PUBG 7.1 update arrives with overhauled Vikendi and Cold Front pass

Battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds returns with its seventh season this week, bringing an overhauled version of the Vikendi map that features substantially less snow, as well as an updated 'Dinoland' destination, adjusted climate options, and a new railway system that runs around the map. In addition to Vikendi's features, it has also lost some previously available items.

For those unfamiliar, Vikendi was the fourth playable map to be released in PUBG; it featured a very snowy landscape, snowmobiles and bikes, and more. As previously promised, the map has returned in the game's seventh season, though it's not quite the same as the one players had access to before.

As explained in the launch trailer, the new Vikendi has substantially less snow than before, which addresses one of the complaints players had about the original map. The snowmobile and snowbikes have been removed for the obvious reason that there's less snow available to use, but there is a new railway system that enables players to travel the island.

The game's Season 7 comes with the new 'Cold Front' survivor pass with new looks for the snowy maps, as well as community missions for unlocking items, vintage Dinoland staff outfits, a new Alex skin, Lindh family heirlooms, and more. The Cold Front pass will officially be available on Steam starting on April 21 and on console starting April 28.

As of April 14, the PUBG Season 7.1 update is available on the game's public test servers. The company tweaked the map based on feedback from the first batch of players who had access to it. The PUBG team provides the update's full patch notes, as well as before-and-after location comparison images, in its announcement post here.