PSP2 to get HUGE hard drive enhancement?

Speculation over at Engadget seems to point to Sony using a 60GB hard drive in the next edition of the PSP. The N-series of hard drives was recently introduced by Samsung, and a 60GB drive was one of the options. Ofcourse this is all speculation, (and weak speculation at best).

In the previous PSP encarnation, only 32MB of onboard memory was put in. If a 60GB drive was put in, many attributes would be comprimised. These include noise, depth of the unit and there would be a gigantic price increase.

The PSP2 is atleast a year away from us, and no leaks have come out as to what the new device will look like or what it will sport. In this case, only patience will help us through this!

PSP2 to sport 60GB Samsung hard drive? [Via: Engadget]