PSA - Don't Text And Walk

You may remember the ITN news video that circulated the web back in March. It showed street posts wrapped in cushioning to protect those pedestrians that chose to text and walk at the same time. And while this was really nothing more than a publicity stunt, just how severe is the texting and walking problem? According to the Wall Street Journal, people that text and walk are more likely to trip and when they do so, land on their faces because the devices are held too close to the face for their hands to break their fall!

I'll admit it. I've texted and walked before. I think just about anyone with a cell phone has committed this crime against paying attention. So if we all do it, it's not really a problem, right? Wrong!

I want you to think about something for a moment. How many times has someone run into you on the street? How many times have you bumped into an object on the sidewalk? What about someone that backs into you? You see, pedestrian-related accidents happen often, anyway. You throw text messaging into the mix and your eyes are officially off of the pavement.

My point is, people are clumsy and don't watch where they're going anyway. Adding typing into the mix is sure to cause more problems. So what's the solution? Maybe stop walking to text? But please, oh please don't do it in the middle of the walkway. That's just annoying!

Do you have any solutions to avoid text/walk injuries? Leave them in the comments!