PS4 system update 8.00 launches today: Here are all the changes

Sony today is rolling out system update 8.00 for PlayStation 4, and though it doesn't bring any major changes along with it, it does bring a lot of little quality of life ones. For starters, the update integrates the Party and Messages app so that the two share the same groups; now, it seems, you'll be able to send messages or begin Party chats with groups of players your previously interacted with across both apps.

Sony says that this feature is going live not just on PS4, but it will also be available on PlayStation 5 when it launches. Players now also have the option to mute all of their microphones from the Quick Menu, which is a nice addition, while the update has also simplified some parental controls.

Specifically, Sony says that it has combined the "Communicating with Other Players" and "Viewing Content Created by other Players" menus into one that's now called "Communication and User Generated Content." Kids can now also send their parents requests to use communication features in certain games. When they do that, parents will receive an email that will ask them to confirm or deny their child's request.

As of this update, PlayStation 4 users will have more options for two-factor authentication, which is always welcome. In addition to the existing option of receiving a verification text, PS4 users can also now opt to use a third-party authentication app (which should be a lot more secure than receiving a text message). Unfortunately, some features are going away with this update, as Sony has removed the ability to create events or communities, though existing communities can still be accessed, while existing events can't be.

Sony is also updating the PS4 Remote Play app with this update, changing its name to PS Remote Play and adding support for the PlayStation 5 – which obviously won't be usable until the PS5 launches next month. Finally, Sony has added a number of new avatars from games like Bloodborne, Journey, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of US Part 2, The Last of Us Remastered, and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, so be sure to check them out if your profile could use some sprucing up.