PS4 sells 2.1 million units globally

Shane McGlaun - Dec 3, 2013
PS4 sells 2.1 million units globally

Sony has been doing very well with its new next generation game console the PS4 since it launched last month in the US. The consoles have been in high demand and in short supply in the US. Sony has now announced that it has sold 2.1 million PS4 units globally.

The 2.1 million units sold number comes as of December 1, 2013. Sony says that the total number of units sold includes 700,000 units that were sold in Europe and other countries since launching on November 29. After launching in the US on November 15, the console is available in 32 countries around the world.

Sony is also saying that PS4 gamers continue to embrace the deep social capabilities that the console offers. Sony says that the live broadcasting on Ustream and Twitch as well as content sharing via Facebook and Twitter are being used heavily.

The new SHARE button on the wireless controller has also had more than 6.5 million shares captured. The console has proven so popular, that it is difficult for many gamers that want a PS4 to find one in stores right now. The odds are slim that the shortage of consoles will end this year. Check out our review of the Sony PS4 for more details.

SOURCE: PlayStation

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