PS3s Go On Display, People Gawk

Showing the world that they might be as on-schedule as they claim to be, Sony has begun shipping out display kiosks to various Japanese retail outlets, with at least one putting it out for customers to stare at. Akiba Keizan Shimbun (shown below) has their kiosk – hands-off, of course, so that no customers can get excited and steal the kiosk – with the PS3 situated behind what appears to be a large plastic sheet, with an HD monitor displaying a variety of demos including Afrika, Genji, Heavenly Sword and The Eye of Judgment. What, no MGS4 demo?

To me, this seems kind of unfair to Japanese gamers, who will only have 100,000 PS3 units to battle over when the system launches next month (yes, it's just around the corner, folks). That enormous MGS 4 poster can't help matters much either, since it's kinda difficult to play a highly-anticipated game when you have no consoles to buy. Nintendo should capitalize on this by reminding gamers "ya know guys, Wiis are still in stock." Not sure how well it'll work, but hey...every little bit helps, right?

[via IGN]