PS3 update planned for next week to fix previous v4.45 update

Craig Lloyd - Jun 21, 2013
PS3 update planned for next week to fix previous v4.45 update

Earlier this week, Sony pushed out an update to its PlayStation 3 console that ended up causing problems for a handful of users, reporting that their system was essentially bricked and couldn’t be played on. Sony quickly and embarrassingly yanked the update before it caused more trouble, and they just reported today that they’re pushing out a fixed update later next week.

Sony says that they “have identified the issue related to the PlayStation 3 software update (version 4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week.” The company will be issuing a new software update that is planned to be released on June 27 that would resolve any issues caused by the previous update.

Version 4.45 was supposed to be a fairly minor update, but it resulted in some major changes, mostly negative. PS3 users reported having issues after installation, saying that when they get to the “flowing ribbon” section of the boot sequence, the console gets stuck on that page after the PS3 was shown.

The update, which was pushed to all PS3 gamers on Tuesday, was supposed to do several new things, such as adding the ability to disable the display of trophy notifications while gamers are in the middle of gaming. However, the update was a huge step backwards for some gamers, unfortunately.

June 27 is almost a full week away, which means that there are a handful of PS3 gamers out there that basically have a several-hundred-dollar paperweight that they won’t be able to use for a few days. While we’re glad to see Sony finally remedying the issue, some gamers still many not appreciate the nine day turnaround that it’ll take to get the fix out.

SOURCE: PlayStation Forums

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