PS3 Production Experiences More Issues

Ewdison Then - Jul 14, 2006

More bad news for the upcoming Playstation 3 and anyone looking to buy one. Already hit by Cell processor yield problems, the companies manufacturing the new console are reportedly also having issues with the Blu-ray drives, which could lead to fewer launch units or a launch delay. In addition, the Cell processor yield issues previously reported have apparently not changed with time, with Sony only getting a 10-to-20 percent yield on their new processors.

In addition, the plants manufacturing the blue diodes for the Blu-ray drive lasers are having trouble meeting the demand to keep up with both consumer Blu-ray device AND the PS3, meaning that they’re falling behind as well. These two issues combine to paint a very bleak picture for the upcoming Sony machine, which is due to launch in November worldwide at a production rate of 1 million consoles per month. If Sony can’t meet this quota, there’s a chance that they might delay the PS3 launch to avoid a hardware shortage (like the one seen with the Xbox 360). It’s unclear as to whether a delay would hurt sales, but missing the Christmas 2006 season would be disastrous. We’ll just have to wait and watch the show.

[via MegaGames]

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