PS3 Firmware Version 2.3 goes live, features DTS-HD

Starting with several revisions to the PlayStation Store, this firmware brings a number of useful updates. The PlayStation store sees a redesign that should make things far easier to find. As a gamer you also get the opportunity to preview the content you are about the purchase with a range of screen shots and/or video previews, lastly a shopping bag will allow you to track all of your past purchases.

You also get the DTS-HD Master Audio support for Blu-Ray movies that allow the PS3 to output audio in high-bitrate form to up to 7.1 channels. Obviously that was a feature pushed by Home Entertainment geeks, not so much gamers.

Other updates are likely to include bug fixes and performance tweaks that aren't exactly listed by Sony. The new firmware is available for free and coincides with the release of GT5 Prologue which can be bought through the online service or as a physical retail copy.

[via Electronista]