PS3 3D mode Coming to all games in 2010

I have watched more 3D movies this summer than I have my entire life before this point. 3D films are booming and they look fantastic. The boom in 3D technology is also slowly starting to make its move into our living rooms and once we can watch Football in 3D without glasses, home entertainment will never be the same.

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in 3D may be fantastic, but I am almost as excited by the thought of playing 3D video games. Engadget has captured a new 3D mode for the PS3 on film and reports that the new mode is set to come to all existing games in 2010. That's right, all of your games will be playable in 3D. I am totally buying a 3D ready TV.

The exact time frame for the 3D introduction is unknown and the closest we can get to a launch date is sometime in 2010. The console sends the 3D content out over HDMI and then the TV synchronizes it with your 3D glasses. There are sure to be some limitations on the TVs that can work along the lines of the NVIDIA 3D system that required monitors with a specific refresh rate. Apparently, for PS3 3D content, 200Hz is the magic number.