PS Audio unveils PerfectWave Digital transport and DAC for HRx disc playback

With little knowledge on computer hardware or using music server, fortunate audiophiles have been able to enjoy a new chapter of high fidelity music with Reference Recordings digital master HRx discs. Golden ears that aren't too computer savvy now can get a taste this high-resolution masters directly for the first time in a standalone player; thanks to the PS Audio engineered optical disc transport that is capable of playing the Reference Recordings' high definition HRx format DVD in a full 24 bits 176khz resolution.

The Transport Memory Player preserves the 24 bits 176khz digital audio output, though a PS Audio's exclusive I2S jitter-free interface, to its companion PerfectWave D to A processor; which alternatively, with an internal network Bridge installed, can be served as a music server to stream high resolution audio throughout the home network.

The PS Audio PerfectWave digital suite is slated to launch at March 2009. The cost on DAC has not yet announced but the transport has an estimated retail of $2,499. PS Audio will bring both units to CES 2009 for a demonstration.

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[via PS Audio]