Protect Your iPod Nano Gen 2 With H2O

People don't usually drop their iPod into swimming poll, but accident do happened. H2O Audio iPod Nano Gen 2 case is a waterproof housing for your 2nd Gen iPod Nano that will protect your iPod Nano when you are using it on water sports activities. The retail price for this case will be $79.95 and it includes sport arm band. You can also grab a waterproof headphones from H2O for $39.95.

H2O Audio for nano features include:

• Secure waterproof housing for Apple iPod nano Gen 2 players rated to 10ft. (3m)

• Housing is compatible with a wide range of standard headsets and provides assured waterproof protection when used with H2O Audio patented waterproof headphones

• Patented easy-access Commander ™ scroll -wheel assembly provides ready control of iPod nano command functions

• Custom form-fit case compliments iPod nano's compact design

• Unique, durable "elastomeric" diagonal T-seal for absolute waterproof protection

• Full view Menu screen

• Extreme impact and scratch protection

• Water, wind, dust and sand safe

• Secure armband for carefree mobility