Props Power Case props and powers your iPad

Shane McGlaun - Mar 14, 2013
Props Power Case props and powers your iPad

If you’re heavy user of the Apple iPad looking to extend the battery life of your device a company called Digital Treasures has unveiled some new cases that have integrated batteries just for Apple tablets. The series of cases is called the Props Power Case. The company offers cases to fit just about every iPad Apple makes.

There are versions of the Props Power Case for the iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and the iPad mini. The company offers two different styles of cases that hide a battery on the inside. One version of the case has a 12,000 mAh internal battery while the other has an 8000 mAh internal battery. The version of the case for the iPad mini is only available in the smaller battery capacity.

Each of the cases has an LED battery status indicator on the top to show how much power is left inside the battery before it needs charged. The cases also ship with a charging cable and a USB adapter cable that can power the iPad or charge your smartphone on the go. The case promises not only more battery-power and runtime for your tablet, it will also protect the device from scratches and drops on the go.

The case has an anti-slide design allowing you to prop the iPad up comfortable viewing. The 12,000 mAh battery case sells for $19.95 and the 8000 mAh case sells for $89.95. The version of the case for the iPad mini sells for $79.95 and all are available now.

[via Digital Treasures]

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