Projection Clock has old-school clock face

When I first saw this thing I thought it was a dual purpose alarm clock and coffee maker, but its not, just the projection clock. You can dim the light behind it, or change the focus if you want.

Me, myself, and I, as I sit here writing this, am thinking about ways to mod it to make it better, such as changing the clock face, applying a light filter for different colors of like, things like that. That would make it cool, or if it was weather proof and you could project it outside, just screw people up by setting it to the wrong time.

Anyways, you can buy it for $100, well actually its $99.95, but after shipping it will be over $100. It would be kind of cool to put it on the opposite side of a room and have a big ass clock filling up an entire wall of your house, but that's just me.

Projection Clock Mixes Up Past and Future to Give You the Present Time [via gizmodo]