Project xCloud Windows 10 game streaming might be close to public beta

Microsoft initially distanced its own Project xCloud game streaming service from Google Stadia by focusing initially on one device class only. Specifically, the current iteration allowed players to stream Xbox One games from Microsoft's cloud to their smartphones. That distinction, however, won't last for long and Microsoft is apparently already running a few internal tests of Project xCloud streaming to the Xbox's closest cousin: Windows 10 PCs.

It would definitely be a waste if Microsoft didn't support Xbox streaming to PCs, especially considering how much more money by letting users live on both platforms with just one device. Every PC gamer can, in effect, become an Xbox gamer. All they need is a Windows 10 computer, a wireless Xbox controller, and, of course, a fast Internet connection. Or maybe not even the last one.

The Verge got hold of a few screenshots and insider notes on how this xCloud Windows 10 streaming will happen. There is an Xbox Game Streaming app, of course, and an initial selection of games. Those include Batman titles, Borderlands 2 and its Pre-Sequel, Absolver, and more. According to internal testers, the service only supports 720p streaming for now but Microsoft will eventually roll out 1080p support soon.

Unlike Stadia, xCloud gives users the option to stream from their local Xbox console if they like. Most, however, would probably utilize Microsoft's xCloud server blades. Those have been upgraded to form a cluster of eight Xboxes in one server, up from the previous four. The company is also preparing to update these to Xbox Series X hardware that would be capable of running four Xbox One S instances on a single chip.

There is no word yet on when Microsoft plans on making xCloud for Windows 10 available to external testers. Given that screenshots and details are already now more available, it might not be long now before it becomes public.