Pro Fortnite players' controller settings revealed: Here's what works

It's a tiresome squabble found in any gaming forum: the endless debate over whether controllers are ultimately inferior to playing with a mouse and keyboard. There are a number of well-known advantages that come with the keyboard + mouse combo, but some gamers argue in favor of controllers, citing their compact size and ergonomics. A number of popular Fortnite streamers play with a controller instead of a mouse, and their settings shed light on what works best.

The biggest issue with controller gameplay is aiming precision. Players simply don't enjoy the same precision as they'd get from a mouse, something Epic addresses by including aim assist. Tweaking your controller settings is the best chance you have at increasing precision, but it's a tedious process to figure out what works.

I took the settings from the best controller players and put them in Excel. Something to think about for controller players from r/FortNiteBR

For this reason, many players have asked pro Fortnite controller players what settings they use and many streamers have revealed their settings in response. Redditor "SAV3ICE" compiled these settings in an Excel spreadsheet and averaged them out to find the middle ground between a number of popular players, including "Nickmercs," "KNG Unknown," and others.

Though some figures are fairly expansive, the snapshot reveals that many pro controller players use around the same X and Y sensitivities -- they range from around 0.6 to 0.8. Though any given setting may not be ideal for all players, it does serve as a nice frame of reference to help others narrow down their own settings to works best.

It's important to note that while many of these players use controllers, they're not necessarily using them with consoles, and that's where the issue lies for many players. Using a controller with a high-end PC capable of high frame rates will result in a different experience than that of console players who are getting much lower frame rates.