Pricegrabber unveils Black Friday online stats

Black Friday has come and gone leaving in its wake disappointed shoppers who were unable to get the best deals on the gadgets they wanted thanks to limited numbers in stores. Pricegrabber has unveiled some statistics for online shopping on Black Friday and the most desired products including the Wii and iPod touch.

The top ten most popular products were the Wii, nuvi 256WT GPS, iPod touch 8GB, D90 DSLR camera, digital Rebel XSI camera, nuvi 765T GPS, Wii Fit, iPod touch 16GB, nuvi 255W GPS, and Nintendo DS Pokemon pack.

Interestingly the categories with the most growth are things I would view more as household necessities rather than what people want for Christmas. The top growth category was tires at 118% with the second most growth in freezers at 104%. I guess people are buying things they need this Christmas rather than what they might want.