Predator VX360 extreme sports camcorder unveiled

There are camera systems for all sorts of sports and some of the most popular sports oriented camera systems are the wearable type that allow people to take video of themselves on motorcycles or skateboards or performing other types of extreme sports. The only problem is that cameras used in these types of rough and tumble sports need to be strong enough to stand up to abuse.

MotionTouch has announced a new camera specifically for this type of extreme sports recording called the Predator VX360. The camera is ruggedized and can withstand water to three meters deep. The rugged nature of the camera can survive crashes and rock impacts as well as the effects of seawater.

The eyeball camera can be worn on a headband and is touch and lightweight. The cam also has a built-in LCD for watching video footage playback. The camera can record footage as clips or as a single movie. The recording unit of the camera is worn on the arm with the camera worn on a headband.