Predator reboot to be made by Iron Man 3 director

JC Torres - Jun 25, 2014
Predator reboot to be made by Iron Man 3 director

Alien, Transformers, Robocop, and even “Mutant” Ninja Turtles. A lot of sci-fi hits of the past are getting a fresh coating these days. Predator, yet another sci-fi cult classic, is now said to be in the works, and rumors say that it will be written by Shane Black, the same man who wrote Lethal Weapon and directed Iron Man 3.

Black actually has had a history with the original Predator film. While Predator was being made in 1986, he was approached by studio directors to give the current script some polish. Apparently, Black’s reputation as a screenwriter for Lethal Weapon and later Monster Squad preceded him. Black, however, turned them down. Twice. Later on, he was contacted and offered small role in the film, to which he surprisingly agreed. After being flown down to the South American set, the studio executives asked if he could take a look at the script while there. Clever folks, these people are.

But if you’ve been a fan of the original and worried that the reboot will take the franchise to unsavory directions, be not afraid. At least not too much. John Davis, the producer of the original film, is also on board as producer yet again, so you can rest a bit easy that his original vision would still respected. That is, if he hasn’t changed his original vision in between so many spinoffs of the title, some of them less favorable than the others.

The first film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role, but the sequel, curiously named Predators, did not. Later on, Fox combined two gory extra-terrestrial film worlds and put out not one but two Alien vs. Predator movies.

Black will be also be attached to direct the film after he hands off scripting to Fred Dekker, also of Monster Squad fame. If you were a fan of Iron Man 3, then there shouldn’t be cause to worry. If not, we’ll see if Black can do worse than some directors and their reboot of certain childhood favorites.

VIA: Hollywood Reporter

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