Predator arrives in Fortnite - How to unlock this secret skin

After weeks of teases, the Predator has arrived in Fortnite. Oftentimes, crossover skins like this need to be purchased from the shop, but that isn't the case with Predator. Instead, players who have the battle pass for Chapter 2, Season 5 can unlock the skin by completing a series of challenges. These challenges have been slowly unlocking over the past few weeks, culminating with a new challenge today that will have you going toe-to-toe with the Predator himself.

Yes, if you want to unlock the skin, you'll first need to defeat the Predator in combat, and that's going to be no easy task for a number of reasons. For starters, with other players seeking out the skin for themselves, you're likely to run into others who are attempting to hunt the Predator. Expect to die a few times if you're going it alone, or better yet, bring a squad and ensure a bit more firepower for your side.

The Predator can be found lurking around Stealthy Stronghold. He should be nearby where his pod crashed last week, though you may have to do some searching to find him. Be ready for him to turn invisible as you fight, and that simple fact alone is why it's probably a better idea to attempt this as a squad with friends (or even a duo) rather than going solo.

Once The Predator is down, you'll unlock his skin assuming that you've completed the other Jungle Hunter quests in the battle pass. There are, apparently, even more quests to complete as you're donning the Predator skin, so it seems that unlocking the Predator outfit isn't quite the end of this questline.

Battle Pass owners will want to wrap up the Jungle Hunter questline sooner rather than later, as we're expecting Season 5 to wrap up at some point in the next few weeks. Check out the brief trailer above to see Fortnite's take on the Predator, but otherwise, jump into the game and go find the monster yourself in Stealthy Stronghold.