Precer Group's Bioracer Uses Wood Pellets for Fuel

Alternate energy options are expanding, and even if some may not be as good as others, it's good to see the development continuing. The precer Group have taken some time to detail their new Bioracer, which promotes the company's biomass powerplants. And while the group has focused on buildings for the most part, they wanted to show their alternate energy options can do more than just power the lamp in your living room.

The Bioracer is a proof of concept. The vehicle features a 16HP electric motor, which is powered by a 24 to 96 volt, 100 to 400 amp-hour battery pack, all of which is dependent upon the customized features of the Bioracer. The whole thing is charged by a Stirling engine, which runs on burning wood pellets. According to Precer Group, at full capacity the Bioracer is capable of going for three hours.

The vehicle needs to burn between three and six pounds of wood pellets to reach up to 10 miles of driving. That alone may keep it out of the mainstream of alternate energy vehicles, but as we said before, it's good to see that companies are still trying to figure out different means to power vehicles.

[via OhGizmo!]