Pre-order Age of Conan and play early, for a fee

Sometimes when you pre-order a game you'll get hooked up with some cool swag. Maybe a shirt, or a hat, you never know. Other times you'll get an in-game item, orĀ  maybe some early playtime in the form of a beta key. However, Funcom is offering you something completely different with your Age of Conan pre-order.

If you pre-order Age of Conan, you will be able to play the game before others. Yes, it will be the actual live servers, but there is a catch. You'll have to pony up an extra $5 to play 3 days early. That seems a bit steep just for three days of play. Then again, if you're dying to play the game, what's a few extra bucks?

According to Funcom, having players pay a little extra to play early allows them to "better scale and prepare our systems for your arrival." Hey, anything to make sure there's a smooth launch.

[via Game|Life]