PowerPot Charges Gadgets While You Cook

A new gadget called the PowerPot has surfaced and is aimed at those who want to be ready for any type of disaster. It's also ideal for campers who like to rough it without giving up their electronic devices. The PowerPot concept comes in three different forms that generate different amounts of power when subjected to heat.

The devices are claimed to be the first thermoelectric generators available and output the power they generate through a special USB port. The PowerPot V generates 5 W of electricity, The PowerPot X generates 10 W, and the PowerPot XI makes 15 W of power. The power is generated from any burner or campfire while boiling water.

The downside is the device is still a concept right now. When and if the PowerPot comes to market it expected to cost from $125-$500 depending on the version purchased. I see a lot of melted USB cables if this device comes to market. Check out the video to see the concept in action.

[via EverythingUSB]