Powerbeats 2 class action gets $9.75 million Apple settlement: How to claim

Though it's been five years since Beats and Apple released Powerbeats 2, the wireless earbuds are working their way back into the news today with the settlement of a lawsuit levied against Apple. The lawsuit alleged that Powerbeats 2 were essentially defective, as they stopped holding a charge or just stopped working entirely after a short period of time.

That, as you can imagine, did not make customers happy, especially when Beats accessories (and anything produced by Apple for that matter) tend to come with a premium price tag. So, off to court those disgruntled users went, filing a class action lawsuit that Apple has now settled. According to the folks at MacRumors, this settlement will cost Apple $9.75 million.

The lawsuit also claims that Apple failed to honor the warranties for these defective earbuds, so affected users certainly have a lot they're upset about. Apple, for its part, denies any wrongdoing or oversight, with MacRumors reporting that it's only settling this lawsuit to avoid a more expensive court battle.

Whether Apple is culpable or not, those who purchased a new pair of Powerbeats 2 before August 7th, 2020 can get some portion of this $9.75 million, but of course, it isn't as easy as just sitting back and waiting for a check to arrive. You'll first need to head over to the creatively-named wirelessearphonessettlement.com and file a claim. It's there that you can also exclude yourself from this settlement, which is the only way that you'd be able to bring your own lawsuit against Apple regarding these Powerbeats 2 defects in the future.

You can also object to the settlement if you wish, but regardless of the action you choose, you'll need to do it by November 20th, 2020. On January 15th, 2021, the court will hold a fairness hearing concerning the settlement, so it sounds like plaintiffs in this case won't get their share of settlement until after that date.