PosiMotion Helix iPhone/iPod touch grip

I like playing games on my iPhone and have lots of games that I have downloaded. I am a fan of driving games on the platform and typically, these games control the car by tilting the pone left or right. If you are looking for a way to play lots of driving games and get a better grip the new Helix Gaming Grip has debuted.

PosiMotion has debuted the Helix Gaming Grip that holds the iPod touch or iPhone in the center of two handles for playing games. The grip promises enhanced control and more comfort for playing games for an extended period.

The issue with any grip like the Helix to me is how easy it will be to reach the screen to push controls like boost and others when needed. Pricing for the Helix is not known at this time, but the device is set to debut officially at CES 2010.