Portal: Still Alive won't feature any exclusive content

We've finally gotten a little more info on the new Portal: Still Alive game that's coming to the Xbox 360 later this year. We already know that it's basically an expansion which happens to include the original game. But just what additional content are 360 owners going to get that PC gamers don't? Absolutely nothing.

As it turns out, Portal: Still Alive is simply a collection of new maps that PC gamers have already had access to. Specifically, these are the maps pulled from the Flash-based version of the game created by We Create Stuff. There won't be any additional storyline or appearances by our favorite OS.

This seems to make a little more sense, as I really couldn't see Valve releasing something exclusive for the Xbox 360 (or any other console) when they've worked so hard on their Steam service. Now I'm just curious what the asking price will be for this title.

[via GameSetWatch]