PORTAL pocket router uses TOR to protect your WiFi traffic

Privacy concerns continue to grow, and efforts to make sure that one's digital world stays private — or, at least, as private as possible — are at an all-time high. Edward Snowden has famously advised the public to use encryption to keep out prying eyes. This has lead to the creation of what amounts to a portable security-centric travel router.

Recently at Def Con, Marc Rogers and Ryan Lackey detailed issues many run into with operation security, more commonly called OPSEC, and how one can go about avoiding these potentially damning snafus. This lead into the introduction of their device to aid in this mission.

PORTAL stands for Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty, and is a software image compiled for small so-called travel routers. With the software and a router loaded with it, PORTAL provides traffic routing through Tor at all times.

The GL.iNET Smart Router is one such router indicated as compatible with the PORTAL image, and the entire point behind it is making the process of keeping one's data safe as simple and oops-proof as possible. In order to use the image, you'll need to download it from Github and flash any TP-Link-compatible travel router.

SOURCE: Ars Technica