Porsche unveils new Cayenne Turbo S

I'll admit that when Porsche first announced that it was coming up with an SUV called the Cayenne, I was rather irritated that a sports car company was pandering to the SUV driving masses. Once the SUV hit the market and I saw that it was as quick as many sports cars I felt a little bit better about Porsche offering an SUV. Porsche has unveiled the new Cayenne Turbo S and this is one SUV I would really enjoy owning.

Porsche claims that the Cayenne Turbo S has advanced active chassis technologies that allow it to surpass the driving performance of many sports cars. At the same time, the SUV still preserves its off-road capability, ride comfort, and towing ability. I can't see anyone driving one of these off-road, but I have seen people towing with a Cayenne before. Naturally, the guy was towing a 911 GT3.

The Cayenne Turbo S gets a 50 hp bump compared to the normal Cayenne Turbo. The Cayenne Turbo S also gets a extra torque with a rating of 553 pound-feet of torque compared to the normal Cayenne Turbo 516 pound-feet rating. The extra horsepower and torque allows the Turbo S version to accelerate quicker and have a higher top speed.

Porsche claims that the Cayenne Turbo S can hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 175 mph. That is a seriously quick SUV. The Turbo S comes with the Sport Chrono package standard that includes an analog and digital timer in the center of the dash. The package also shows total driving time, lap distance covered, and individual lap times along with latitudinal and longitudinal acceleration. Clearly, Porsche expects people to take this big SUV on the track. Pricing for the Turbo S starts at $146,000.