Porsche tuner Gemballa develops diamond paint for cars

We've seen all sorts of incredibly expensive paint jobs on vehicles owned by celebrities, musicians, and the fabulously wealthy. I've seen cars covered in full chrome and cars covered in gold and other precious metals. A famous German Porsche tuner called Gemballa has come up with a new paint color that's certainly worthy of the company name. If you can afford this diamond paint, you're certainly a Gem-balla.

The company has announced that it has invented the paint color, which appears to be metallic silver. Rather than using tiny glass beads, metallic flakes, or crystals the paint actually uses ground-up diamonds. The paint can be used to coat the exterior or interior of the vehicle.

There are a few key facts about the paint that are unknown at this point. For instance, it's not clear how many carats of diamonds it takes to paint an entire car. It's also not clear exactly how much the paint will cost. However, I can guarantee you that this diamond finish is one of those if you have to ask you can't afford it types of things.

[via Jalopnik]