Popcorn Time iOS installer brings torrent streaming to iPhones

Popcorn Time, nicknamed "the Netflix of piracy" started as a website that lets you browse and stream torrents of pirated movies on your desktop computer. It's layout is so easy to navigate that you might forget that you're doing something illegal by using it. Although you won't find an app for it in the iTunes store, people have been finding a way to access the service through jailbreaking their phones. Now instead of having to use a complicated work around to stream on your iPhone, you can use their installer for easy access to a library of content that is practically 100% illegal.

Popcorn Time created an easy-to-use iOS installer that helps you start streaming all the free and illegal pirated media that you want on your iPhone. Law-abiding citizens should turn back now before it's too late. To get the service on your iPhone, simply download the iOS installer to your desktop and connect your iPhone or iPad via USB, then follow the instructions on the installer.

The service is free, but you might want to use a VPN if you are streaming illegal content because when Hollywood lawyers wise-up to the scope of this streaming service, they're going to be up in arms and may cast a wide net when searching for parties to prosecute. Popcorn Time has undergone a history of shutdowns, not unlike the Pirate Bay. In a similar fashion, the service seems to pride itself on its ability to bounce back after each shutdown.

Nothing about this service is legal in most countries. Just like the Pirate Bay, Popcorn Time's website is hosted in Sweden, and another official site is hosted in the British Indian Ocean Territories. In other words, the company absolutely knows the laws and is choosing to disregard them; but, it doesn't know how long until a legal crackdown puts an end to Popcorn Time.

In another ballsy move, Popcorn time released an animated movie montage celebrating a one-year anniversary of flouting the law.

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