Polaroid Plans Leap Into Gaming Market With Accessories

When you think gaming, you think Polaroid, right? Or, is that something else? Like cameras. Yeah, that's probably a bit more comfortable for most people. Well, get ready to get thrown right out of your comfort zone, because it looks like Polaroid is all set to turn things on their nose. With a few accessories in the works, Polaroid wants back into the gaming scene.

Yes, we said "back." Why? Because a couple years ago the company actually released a controller that held 15 games on it. One of those "15-in-1" things that was all the rage back then. Sure, it didn't necessarily push the company into the wide world of games, but at least they tried. This time around, though, they seem to have a firm plan, and they're going after all of the major consoles. They've got a microphone headset and battery packs planned for the Xbox 360, and wireless controllers for the PlayStation 3. Additionally, they've got a dock planned for the Nintendo DS.

That's not all, though. For Nintendo's Wii, they've got a sensor bar in the pipe, along with some sports packs. We're not exactly sure what's going to be in those packs, but we'll hope they're good. Also, why the Wii would need an additional sensor bar is beyond us, but Polaroid obviously thinks they can make some money there. Here's us crossing our fingers that when these things launch later this year, they don't completely bomb.

[via UberGizmo]