Polaroid Now+ instant camera bridges the gap between classic and futuristic

Last year saw the release of the Polaroid Now, an instant camera reminiscent of the Polaroid cameras from the 1970s with some modern upgrades. The Polaroid Now camera was apparently a hit because today we're seeing Polaroid announce and release a follow-up to it. The new camera – dubbed the Polaroid Now+ – offers the same instant camera functionality as its predecessor, but this time, photographers have more options when it comes to making their pictures unique.

That's at least partially thanks to connectivity with the Polaroid app. Yes, while the camera is still an analog one that uses instant film, the Now+ can connect to the Polaroid app to offer more shooting modes. Users will find several shooting modes in the app, including light painting, double exposure, and manual mode. The app also offers aperture priority and tripod modes, which Polaroid says will help photographers snap photos with depth of field or long exposure times.

If you want the full analog experience, Polaroid has included five snap-on lens filters that allow you to give your photos new effects without having to bust out the app. The five lenses include orange, blue, and yellow filters along with special red vignette and starburst filters.

Polaroid assures that core features included in the original Now are also present in the Now+. Some of the returning features Polaroid calls out specifically include autofocus, dynamic flash, and a self-timer for taking old-school selfies. As alluded to by the camera's tripod mode, the Polaroid Now+ also comes with a tripod mount.

All in all, the Polaroid Now+ sounds like a sizable upgrade for those who want more options when shooting their instant pictures. That said, it is worth pointing out that at $149.99, the Now+ costs a fair bit more than its $99 predecessor. The camera is available today in blue-gray, black, and white color schemes from Polaroid's website.