Polaroid Now instant camera pairs classic look with basic features

Polaroid is back with a new instant camera, one that builds upon its classic instant-print models: the Polaroid Now. This film camera features a classic design with small but obvious upgrades, including a smoother, rounder design. Users get access to the best of instant photography, as well as some useful features that include the maker's Accurate Flash and direct support for double exposures.

Though digital cameras have largely dominated the photography market, instant film photography has made a small comeback. The medium has proven popular with younger generations who want instant access to the images they snap, removing the need to order prints online and wait for them to ship.

The Polaroid Now camera features autofocus, meaning users aren't required to manually focus the camera lens to get a clear shot. The autofocus works regardless of whether the flash is activated by the camera during the shot.

Polaroid is also making it easier to get experimental shots with the inclusion of a double exposure feature, which enables the photographer to capture two images on the same photo paper. This can be used to capture random effects, such as lights overlaid onto a portrait or combining shots of people and nature.

Other features include a self-timer, which is an old school way to capture selfies, both 40mm and 35mm lenses, support for i-Type instant film, an LED counter to keep track of the number of shots, and a battery that can be recharged using micro USB. The camera will launch for $99 in multiple color options, including white, black, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow.