PolaPros offers a wide range of refurbished and new Polaroid instant cameras

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, someone you know had one of the Polaroid instant cameras. Odds are your parents had one of these instant cameras and you and your siblings probably fought over who got to shake the picture until it developed. If you would like to own one of these instant cameras again, a company called PolaPros is now offering a wide range of refurbished units.

If you are ready own one of the Polaroid instant cameras that doesn't work, they can also repair it for you. Repair services start at $80. The company offers 12 different camera models to purchase including the SX-70 Original all the way through the SLR690. Pricing for the complete camera starts at $350.

The company also offers some new vintage cameras that were never sold and are still in the original factory packaging. A brand-new SX-70 Original will set you back $515. A refurbished version of the same camera costs $395. Pricing for the cameras varies greatly depending on the model you choose.

The company also offers a number of accessories for these cameras including external flash units, cases, remote shutter buttons, and various lenses. One key item that I don't see listed is film for the cameras. This might not be a big deal to vintage camera buffs who only want to collect the camera itself, but if you want to shoot pictures you'll have to source your own film.

[via PolaPros]