Pokemon Unite balance patch incoming this week: All the big changes

Pokemon Unite has been out for a little while, and now that the meta has become more defined, it looks like it's time for the game's first balance patch. Tencent and The Pokemon Company have actually published the patch notes for this update well ahead of its arrival – while the update won't be landing until tomorrow, we've got a list of all the changes right now.

As you might imagine, there are some Pokemon that are getting changed with this update. In addition to nondescript bug fixes and text fixes, there are 11 Pokemon that are being tweaked in one way or another, with a further three that are receiving bug fixes. The update will also add a proper spectator mode, which will make it a lot easier to live stream matches and perhaps pave the way for organized tournaments.

While today's patch notes aren't quite as detailed as we'd like them to be, they still give us a good enough idea of how Pokemon are changing. Many of Charizards skills – Flamethrower, Fire Punch, and Fire Blast – have had their effects on opposing Pokemon strengthened, while Flamethrower and Fire Blast have had their cooldowns reduced. On the other hand, Talonflame's Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Aerial Ace+, and Fly moves have all had their damage against opposing Pokemon increased.

Venusaur's Sludge Bomb, Petal Dance, Solar Beam, and Unite Move have all received buffs as well, so you Bulbasaur fans might actually have a viable Pokemon to take into matches. Absol's Night Slash and Sucker Punch are getting increased damage, while there have been some bug fixes centered around its basic attack. In addition, not only have Wigglytuff's Double Slap and Sing been buffed, but we'll also see the Pokemon itself get stat boosts to Defense, Special Defense, and HP.

Now we come to the nerfs – or at least the Pokemon who are being nerfed in some way. Eldegoss's Cotton Guard and Unite Move have been nerfed (they'll heal for less now), while Cotton Spore has been buffed to make it a more attractive pick. Likewise, Cinderace's basic attack damage and Blaze Kick have been nerfed, while Feint has been downgraded in a way that's not clear. By contrast, Pyro Ball will see a damage increase, so perhaps start considering that move when playing as Cinderace.

Then we come to Zeraora and Gengar, two Pokemon who have dominated the game since it came out. Gengar's basic attack will receive some bug fixes, while Shadow Ball will do more damage and Dream Eater will be upgraded, again in unclear ways. Hex is being downgraded as well, so perhaps pick that less often. Zeraora's Wild Charge has seen some buffs, such as a damage increase and cooldown reduction, while its Unite Move will do less damage to opposing Pokemon.

Cramorant's Whirlpool has been nerfed to do less damage, but following this patch, Dive will actually do more damage, perhaps making it a more suitable alternative to Surf. Machamp's Cross Chop has been nerfed while Close Combat has received a damage buff, so prepare to see some punches from opposing Machamps in the future. Finally, Lucario, Geninja, and Alolan Ninetales will all be getting some bug fixes for their attacks and moves. You can read the full patch notes over on the Pokemon Unite website, but otherwise, look for this patch to drop on August 4th at 12 AM PDT.