Pokemon Sun and Moon, which starter should you choose?

If you haven't heard by now, Nintendo has recently released images of the new starter Pokémon for its new Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon set to release in November of this year and the news has taken the internet by storm. The reason why? They're all unbelievably cute that it's hard to choose between them! Whereas most years there's always been a clear winner that won everyone's heart, this year there is no clear winner. Well, there is a clear loser.

Look at that face! How could anyone say "no" to a water dog! There's no doubt that he'll be loyal to his trainer to the end. Awww. While Popplio may be cute, he lacks the sharp edge the other starters have that seem to give them the impression that they may be cute, but they can also fight! Popplio only has those sad puppy eyes which makes him an easy target to hate and the internet has embraced this creating fan are galore within a few mere hours of the press release.

The real battle is between Rowlet and Litten, the grass owl and the fire kitten. Now, fire has always been the most popular starter type since the days of Charmander back in generation one and cats can be vicious proving Litten's worth on the battlefield, but remember that cats can also be lazy, often laying in the sun for hours doing nothing but sleeping. Doesn't sound very appealing in a companion meant to fight. An owl on the other hand...

Seriously though, owls are silent and deadly creatures known for being nocturnal. They stalk through the night never being seen until their enemies are blinded and sent to the underworld...or something. In Mexican folklore owls are said to be the bringers of death. Isn't that way more appropriate for a creature meant to destroy its competition?