Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer shows off two new Ultra Beasts

Last time The Pokemon Company and Nintendo decided to part with some Pokemon Sun and Moon information, they revealed the concept of Ultra Beasts. These new monsters roam the region of Alola and apparently present something of a threat to Pokemon and Humans alike, but for the moment, they're mostly shrouded in mystery. Though we're getting a glance at two new Ultra Beasts in the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, the mystery still remains, leaving us to guess how Ultra Beasts will factor into the overarching story.

Technically, what we're seeing in this trailer seems to be different forms of the same Ultra Beast. Say hello to UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty. As stated above, not much is known about these two new monsters yet, but the trailer does reveal that they'll each be exclusive to a single version of the latest Pokemon games, with UB-02 Absorption appearing in Sun and UB-02 Beauty appearing in Moon.

Other than that little morsel of information, we're being left in the dark. Why are these Ultra Beasts a threat? Can we catch them? Are they Legendary Pokemon or something different? We know that synthetic Pokemon exist, thanks to monsters like Porygon and the freshly revealed Type: Null, so is that what these are? So many questions and so few answers.

It's probably safe to assume that we can catch these and that they're separate from Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo, but there's still a lot to discover about Ultra Beasts and what kind of role they'll play in Pokemon Sun and Moon. We'll likely find out more soon, as Nintendo has been releasing new information at a breakneck pace, but even assuming this is the last we hear about Ultra Beasts, we're closing in on release, and that is when everything will certainly become clear. Pokemon Sun and Moon launch for the 3DS on November 18.