Pokemon Snap is getting a Switch sequel after more than 20 years

Back in the early days of the Pokemon series, Nintendo released a little game for the N64 called Pokemon Snap. The game, which revolved around taking pictures of Pokemon in the wild and then having Professor Oak rate your skills as a photographer, was short and fairly simple, but all these years later, fans seem to have a soft spot for it. For more than 20 years, those fans have been asking for a sequel, and now it seems it's finally happening.

During today's Pokemon Presents livestream, The Pokemon Company revealed New Pokemon Snap. Details are still pretty light at this point, but The Pokemon Company describes it as "an all-new adventure inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game."

There's already an official page for New Pokemon Snap up on the Pokemon website, but that doesn't tell us a whole lot either. "In New Pokemon Snap, you'll explore deserts, jungles, and more as you photograph fan-favorite Pokemon and discover never-before-seen Pokemon expressions and behaviors," the website reads. The trailer that debuted during Pokemon Presents today suggests that players will progress through levels on rails, just like they did in the original game.

Beyond that, though, we're in the dark. Obviously, New Pokemon Snap will feature more Pokemon than the original did, but that's a given since there's 20 years and multiple Pokemon generations between the two games. It also appears that we won't be playing as Todd Snap this time around, who served as the player character in the original and had a brief stint as a supporting character in the anime.

New Pokemon Snap doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll let you know when that changes. For the foreseeable future, much of The Pokemon Company's marketing efforts will be focused on the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but hopefully it won't be long before we hear more about New Pokemon Snap.