Pokemon Quest released on iPhone and Android: Here's the trailer

Shortly before E3 2018 kicked off, Nintendo announced a handful of new Pokemon games. One of those games was Pokemon Quest, a free-to-play title that launched first on Nintendo Switch with the promise of iOS and Android versions to follow. The wait for you mobile gamers is over, as Pokemon Quest is getting its iOS and Android release today.

As far as Pokemon games are concerned, Pokemon Quest plays quite a bit differently from most. While many familiar Pokemon feature in the title, that's about the only similarity Pokemon Quest has with other mainline games. There's no adventure to defeat the Elite Four, no real capture mechanic, and no battles against other Pokemon trainers.

Instead, Pokemon Quest tasks the player with exploring a place called Tumblecube Island in search of treasure. Along the way, you'll befriend various Pokemon by cooking items you find on your expeditions and attracting new monsters to your base camp. Those Pokemon can then be used in a series of increasingly difficult expeditions, in which your Pokemon combat others through a touch-based battle system.

Though Pokemon still level up as they battle, their stats are largely improvement by equipping them with Power Stones. These items can be found by completing expeditions or acquired through in-app purchases. Being a free-to-play game, you're limited to how much you can do at once by an energy meter, making Pokemon Quest feel very much like other free-to-play titles that dominate the mobile space.

It's an interesting twist on the Pokemon formula, and it'll be interesting to see how mobile gamers react to it. Pokemon Quest proved to be pretty popular on the Switch, so if the game finds the same success on mobile, Nintendo could very well have a hit on its hands. You can check out Pokemon Quest today on iOS [download] and Android [download].