Pokémon Quest pre-registration hits Android, iOS: launch date revealed

A new Pokemon game was launched for Nintendo Switch in the recent past, and it's called Pokemon Quest. This game is packed with blocky elements and pastel colors, offering a chill take on the long-running franchise. We've known for a short while that the game would also be released for mobile devices, and today The Pokemon Company gave an update on that plan.Pokemon Quest is a free-to-play adventure game with an RPG element, classic characters, and more. The design features bricks and centers around taps for gameplay; the characters move on their own, as explained in the demonstration trailer below, but the player guides their attacks. During this process, players collect various treasures, too, such as power stones.

Players can power up their Pokemon as they level up, unlock new stages, and collect items. There's a base camp for the player, ways to lure new Pokemon, a Pokedex, and more. The title was originally launched on Nintendo Switch, where it's available to download now for free.

Given the game's touch-centric design, it's no surprise that The Pokemon Company plans to release it for smartphones and tablets, too. The company has officially launched pre-registration for the mobile games, enabling interested future players to sign up for a notification when the game becomes available.

When will that happen? On June 27, leaving only a week of waiting remaining. Take note, The Pokemon Company says that save data from the Switch version of the game cannot be made available on the Android or iOS versions, meaning you'll need to start fresh on each platform. Pre-registration is available through the respective app stores.

SOURCE: The Pokemon Company