Pokemon GO's most dedicated player is a 70-year old granddad

When people think about addicted Pokemon GO players, at least those who even know what Pokemon GO is, they probably think about people walking like zombies who suddenly stand still for now apparent reason and start flicking their smartphone screens like crazy. That may be true for the average addicted Pokemon GO player but those have nothing on Chen San-yuan. At 70 years of age, he might be Pokemon GO's oldest player. And given how he plays it, he is definitely its most dedicated and addicted one yet.

San-yuan earned local and international attention back in August when he was spotted riding a bike with a monstrous contraption in front. That contraption held no less than 11 phones, all of them running one and only one game. Pokemon GO, if you weren't paying attention. Many chide the younger generation for being reckless but this Taiwanese grandfather definitely threw caution to the wind.

Fortunately, it seems the man has wised up. No, he still carries 11 phones but no longer endangers his life or others by riding on a bike. In stead, he had modified his Pokemon capturing device to be wearable, at least around his waist. Team Rocket should probably give him an honorary membership.

San-yuan has allegedly spent more than $1,000 on Pokemon GO. And that was back in June when he was still just using 6 to 9 phones. With 11 phones now, he carries a large power bank to keep them charged up while the screens stay on all the time.

As to what he gains from his undoubtedly insane efforts, only San-yuan can say. No other player probably has the time or the resources to show his love for the virtual critters. Good thing that the man dislikes attacking gyms because it makes players feel bad. Otherwise, he would have probably conquered them all as well.