Pokemon GO teased to get 3 major updates this year

The release of the next generation of Pokemon, plus tweaks to the game's mechanics quickly put Pokemon GO back on the map, bringing back part of the fever and the fervor that welcome it last year. That was just a few weeks ago and it seems that developers Niantic Labs isn't about to slow down. Or so it would seem. At GDC 2017, CEO John Hanke hinted that there are 3 major updates awaiting fans this year. Naturally, it sent the Internet on a speculation spree on what those three features could be.

Presuming the Gen 2 update isn't included in that "Big Three", and it's certainly possible that it actually is, Hanke himself has already hinted what those three features could be. In a previous interview, he said how features like Pokemon trading, player versus battles, and a new gym system should have already been implemented had the developers not been too busy fixing server issues, most of which were caused by hacking attempts and third-party apps. That immediately makes three candidates this year.

Now for the bit of bad news. According to Redditor TheSilphRoad, monster trading isn't high on Niantic's list, implying it could be launched only at a later date this year, if at all. That would be a crying shame considering trading, along with collecting and battling, forms the trifecta of the Pokemon experience. At least PvP is still a possibility.

TheSilphRoad amusingly calculates the possible release schedule for these three major updates. With 43 weeks left before the year ends, Niantic Labs could schedule an update every 12 weeks or so, roughly every three months. That is, presuming Niantic has a regular schedule and that there are no delays, and experience tells us that just isn't so.

VIA: Reddit