Pokémon Go player finds corpse while hunting monsters

A bunch of people are wandering around outside in search of monsters thanks to Pokémon Go, and they've been advised to pay attention to their surroundings while doing so. One teen took that message to heart, and while searching for a water monster she noticed something odd in the river nearby. Upon closer inspection, that something turned out to be a dead body.

According to County 10, the Pokemon Go player is 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins from Riverton, Wyoming. She was on the hunt for a water Pokemon, and so she jumped a fence and headed toward a nearby river to see if she could find one. That's when she stumbled upon a body in the river, prompting her to call the police and lead them to it.

Per her statements to County 10, the body was thought to have been there less than a day. The Fremont County Sheriff's Office has since stated that they believe the death was an accident and that the person possibly drowned.

While a bunch of jokes have been floating around that a Pokemon Go player would inevitably get into an incident while staring at their phone, no one expected something like this. As always, be sure to keep an eye out while playing, and don't tread anywhere that looks dangerous or questionable. Not familiar with Pokemon Go? Check out the timeline below for more details!